Running Days: 1272
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About is a modern product of international cooperation and merging of corporate interests on the international level. The path of the company has been started from a small association of like-minded people in the field of trading in 2017. Over the year, we have grown into a serious investment fund that is able to consistently give 10%, 40% and 100% of the return on the funds invested by investors.

During the development of the company, we managed to create a team of professionals and more than 100 trading strategies were developed and introduced into trading practice, many of which remain unique today. As a result of such a successful activity in December 2017, we managed to close a merger with a promising company specializing in mining and trading with crypto-currencies. It was the starting point of our development in a new capacity. The resulting return on investment capital gave us an opportunity to significantly increase the mining processing power and bring trading strategies to an impeccable level of stability. was registered and selected the following areas of commercial specialization as its key business-vector:
-Forex trading
-Crypto-currency mining
-Crypto-currency trading